Show Announcement: Rec Center on 5/21, plus an Oakland Solo Set

Hello good people of the cyberworld.

This upcoming Friday, 5/21, we're THRILLED to announce that we'll be opening up one of the most amazing, eclectic bills I've seen in my time in Los Angeles. Come for our patented mixture of existential crises, mixed meters, and screaming, stay for an amazing set of koto music courtesy of Kozue Matsumoto, the experimental percussion wizardry of Corey Fogel, and the hi-life dance sensation that is SK Kakraba.

I'm being very sincere right now - this show is going to be insane. Check out the Facebook event for more info.

Plus, good news for Bay Area fans! Kirsten's coming up on August 10 to do a set of her doom-adjacent solo project, Shima, at the Temescal Art Center in Oakland, with the incredible duo Grex! Keep an eye on their website for more info.

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