Guess what?! Not only did we open for Deerhoof last month, we're doing it again next month!

Last month at The Pyramid Scheme was one of the most special concerts we've ever played. It's an honor to be asked back to open for them at The Pike Room at the Crofoot on Saturday, September 9. Get your tickets here!

JAPAN TOUR 2022!! 

It's that time of the year. The weather is cooling down, chestnuts are getting roasted, and... Throwaway is headed to Japan!

One week, five shows! Tokyo! Osaka! Kyoto! Nagoya! Mark your calendars, rev your engines, and warm your hearts. We are coming.

The Final Two VidDitties Are HERE 

Hello, friends and family and fanmily!

As you may be aware, for the last four years, we've occasionally put out something called a VidDitty. A VidDitty is simply a weird little video accompanied by a weird little song. They're different than our usual weird little songs, too.

Well, all good things must come to an end. Fortunately, the VidDitty series has come to its end in an epic fashion, with a two-parter finale.

Watch Part 1 and Part 2 now, and wave your fond goodbyes.

"DINOSAUR." Music Video OUT NOW! 

Hello, lovelies!

Check out the music video for our lead single, "DINOSAUR.," animated by Ben Willis with choreography by Maddy Rager! The track also features a news lady voiced by Ami from O'summer Vacation, which is a band you will like if you like us.

Watch the video here, and check out the lovely write-up on Post-Trash!

And remember, Hand That Takes is OUT NOW on FPE Records! You can even check out a write-up on THAT via It's Psychedelic Baby Magazine, too!


HI AND HELLO. It is with thrill and pride that we announce our new EP (album?!), Hand That Takes! The album (EP?!) will be releasing on FPE Records on July 29, 2022! We'll be announcing our first tour since the pandemic soon, so stay tuned.

In the meantime, you can pre-order the album on Bandcamp! You'll be able to download our infamous bop "DINOSAUR." right away. And keep an eye out for the release of a ridiculous music video for "DINOSAUR.," coming soon! It will feature the animation talents of Ben Willis, the choreography talents of Maddy Rager, and the voice acting talents of Ami from the incredible Osaka-based band O'Summer Vacation.

HI WOW / Leesta Vall Recordings announcement! / VidDitties! 


So... it's been a while. And a lot has happened since last we spoke. But we're been doing lots of stuff in the meantime - largely behind the scenes, but we've released three new VidDitties and are working on rounding out the series. So stay tuned for that and much, much more.

We also come to you today with an exciting announcement - we're partnering with Leesta Vall Recordings for an exclusive run of LITERALLY one-of-a-kind lathe cuts for their Shut-In Session series! 

These aren't just any lil' records. You'll preorder your record, tell us what song you want, and then we - from our delightfully socially distanced rehearsal space in Detroit - will record that song, live, SPECIFICALLY FOR YOU. You alone shall own this song, and we'll say nice things and make fun jokes for you. 

Leesta Vall uses the phrase "audio postcard," which is charming as hell. In any case, we haven't seen you for a year now, and this feels like a very nice way for us to hang out together. Snag your special lathe cut here - you have just one week to do so before we start to record 'em!

Two videos, two film festivals! 

Okay, yes, we're still horrible at updating this blog.

BUT, we have news we'd like to share!

First of all, our music video for "Bonathan Jyers" (directed by the Obscura Broadcasting Company) was selected two weeks ago to screen at the Detroit Music Video Extravaganza at Planet Ant! Wowee!

Second of all, it is our thrill to announce that "I Work!" (animated by Ben Willis) is an official selection of the Ann Arbor Film Festival - a highly prestigious affair that's the oldest experimental film festival on the continent! Because of the COVID-19 outbreak, you cannot physically attend the AAFF. But fortunately for all of us, they have decided to stream the whole festival online, for free! Catch Music Videos in Competition at 2 pm on Wednesday, March 25!

WHAT? out July 12 

Okay, OKAY, we get it - we're terrible at updating this blog.

But we're gonna try to make it up to you. In fact, what if we told you that our debut album is coming out on Friday, July 12?!

Pretty nice, huh? You can even pre-order it on Bandcamp!

In addition, check out our new video for "The Revenge Society" - with a new video coming THIS WEEK. But no spoilers.


Okay, okay, we get it - we're bad at posting news on this blog. We're much better at Facebook, at least.

Anywho, we're here to tell you about a wonderful new deal - a new video series we're putting out. We call 'em VidDitties.

Check our VidDitty #1 and VidDitty #2 on our YouTube channel! We promise you'll be glad you did. They speak for themselves once you see them.