Okay, okay, we get it - we're bad at posting news on this blog. We're much better at Facebook, at least.

Anywho, we're here to tell you about a wonderful new deal - a new video series we're putting out. We call 'em VidDitties.

Check our VidDitty #1 and VidDitty #2 on our YouTube channel! We promise you'll be glad you did. They speak for themselves once you see them.

clipping. + Rick and Morty + us?! 

Look at me - excellent at posting news, as always.

But here's a doozy - our resident guitarist and songwriter, Kirsten, plays a guitar solo on a song by clipping. And, what's more, it's a song for Sub Pop's Rick and Morty soundtrack. In short: dreams DO come true.

And, who knows, maybe a member of clipping. will show up on one of our releases this fall...

Check out "Stab Him in the Throat" below!

Interview in Pulp / New Pics 

Wow, I must get better at updating this blog. We did a whole California tour and everything!

Anyway, Pulp, a blog associated with the incredible Ann Arbor District Library, just get an amazing profile and interview with us. Check it out!

We've also got a WHOLE slew of shows in Michigan coming up. Check out the show tab for more!

We've also got some incredible new promo pics, thanks to Karl Otto over at the Ottolab. Check out a few below!


2017 Round-Up! 

And so, 2017 is about to mercifully draw to a close. But it was actually a big year for us! Let's take a trip down memory lane: 

We put forth our second release, the Milk Song / Family Cry 7" - which was also, incidentally, our first lathe cut adventure! 

We went on our first two-week tour in one big loop around the Midwest and East Coast! 

We released two really excellent music videos for "Milk Song" and "Family Cry"

We recorded and released a live set for WCBN-FM Ann Arbor!

We contributed our track "FAF" to Kirsten's Persist Mixtape venture, with all proceeds going to Planned Parenthood! 

We became even more legit by creating an Instagram and our official website, this very website! 

We released two live videos from our performance at the Hi Hat in LA! 

We made our first t-shirts and SOLD OUT of them! 

We relocated to Detroit! (Though, don't worry, we're still a Detroit-slash-LA band.) 

Probably some other things! 

THANK YOU ALL for making 2017 so memorable in this little sphere of existence. And 2018 is going to be just swell. Expect stickers! New and more shirts! Tours! And, oh yeah - OUR FIRST FULL-LENGTH ALBUM.

The Epic Return to Detroit / Live Videos 

Come one, come all, to the official show heralding our joyous return to Detroit! We're thrilled to be playing Trixie's this Saturday, December 2, with Feeble Curses and Summer Like the Season! Here's the Facebook event, since that's how we all organize our social calendars now.

Technically, this is our second show in Detroit: we did a quick, fun ditty as the Talking Heads for a Halloween show at the Ghost Light. Guess I forgot to blog about that, though. Whoopsie.

Also, check out this sweet video of our performance of our stadium classic "I Work!" at the Hi Hat in Los Angeles!

iF Feature / Persist Benefit Show! 

First of all, thanks to Meredith Schneider over at Imperfect Fifth for featuring the "Family Cry" video!

" 'Family Cry' will entrance you from beginning to end thanks in part to its director, Chicago-based performance artist Corey Smith. The colors, words, and acted scenes will confuse you, but there is a sense of thrill to it all when the song’s tempo-changing, unique, garage-tinged experimental rock backs it up."

This is literally exactly what we were going for.

In other news, we're thrilled to take part in a benefit concert for Planned Parenthood under the banner of the Persist Mixtape! The show will also feature the luxurious sounds of Polartropica and Cousin Liar, as well as DJ sets by the incredible Mini Bear. Come on over for a night of female empowerment for charity!

You can buy tickets over at the Hi Hat's website, or check out the Facebook event.

New Video: "Family Cry" 

And BOY, is it a doozy! If you like things that are surreal, glitchy, and hilarious, you're in for a treat.

The "Family Cry" video was directed and edited by Chicago-based performance artist Corey Smith. Kirsten and Corey have worked on oodles of projects in the past, so this collaboration was a long time coming. Treat yourself and watch the video below!

Show Announcement: Rec Center on 5/21, plus an Oakland Solo Set 

Hello good people of the cyberworld.

This upcoming Friday, 5/21, we're THRILLED to announce that we'll be opening up one of the most amazing, eclectic bills I've seen in my time in Los Angeles. Come for our patented mixture of existential crises, mixed meters, and screaming, stay for an amazing set of koto music courtesy of Kozue Matsumoto, the experimental percussion wizardry of Corey Fogel, and the hi-life dance sensation that is SK Kakraba.

I'm being very sincere right now - this show is going to be insane. Check out the Facebook event for more info.

Plus, good news for Bay Area fans! Kirsten's coming up on August 10 to do a set of her doom-adjacent solo project, Shima, at the Temescal Art Center in Oakland, with the incredible duo Grex! Keep an eye on their website for more info.