Listening to [Throwaway's] music is like embarking on a white-water rafting trip and emerging battered and soggy, but ultimately enjoying yourself.”

Zach Marburger, Current Magazine

Haunted by a mysterious woman with a brown paper bag for a head, acclaimed  guitarist Kirsten Carey created Throwaway, an art rock / no wave duo that acrobatically leaps around virtuosic riffs and unexpected rhythms. Throwaway’s electric energy is “expressive and original” (The Public), with “aerodynamic rock-grit flavors of the likes of Primus or Deerhoof” (eCurrent). The masked namesake of the band is surreally represented in performances through live visuals.

Throwaway released a self-titled EP in 2015 (CD only), followed by two 7”s: “Milk Song / Family Cry” (mixed by Jonathan Snipes of clipping.) and "Bonathan Jyers / Exotic Bird," which was featured on Detroit's CW50. Their witty, bizarre music videos are gaining a reputation all their own, with features in Impose Magazine, Make Weird Music, eCurrent, and Imperfect Fifth. In 2019, Throwaway will release their debut album and embark on their first international tour - to Japan.

Kirsten Carey's guitar playing was featured on the clipping. song "Stab Him in the Throat" for the soundtrack of the Emmy Award-winning TV series Rick and Morty. Carey has a duo with MacArthur Genius Grant fellow Tyshawn Sorey and has additionally shared the stage with Elliott Sharp, Okkyung Lee, and more. Throwaway has performed in venues including the Bootleg Theater (LA), the Magic Bag (Detroit), the Loving Touch (Detroit), Trans-Pecos (NYC), the Hi Hat (LA), and Kung Fu Necktie (Philadelphia), and opened for acts such as Fucked Up and Amyl and the Sniffers.

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"Provocative/wooly/weird/rough-edged/aerodynamic-rock-grit flavors of the likes of Primus or Deerhoof... The guitars are ferocious, but the wildfire’s contained enough so as to thread steady punk/metal riffs, while Carey’s unbridled, throat-curdling screams and theatric sing-speak incantations often throttle out at a rhythm paced to the percussion – so as to sufficiently incite some cathartic head-banging." - Jeff Milo, eCurrent

"Throwaway comes at you strong with a ripping guitar and lots to say... It’s witty, harsh, and a bit rough around the edges in the best way possible. It feels like a piece of self-expression that goes beyond just making music." - CW50 Detroit

"[Throwaway's] music is difficult, unique, compelling, and not for everyone, which is why it's special." - Christopher Porter, Pulp

"A legit, out-there gnarler." - Dustin Krcatovich, Curmudgeon's Club

"Expressive and original... Their following is growing."  - Schondra Aytech, The Public

"Primal yet complex." - Paul Simpson, The Answer is in the Beat 

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