2017 Round-Up!

And so, 2017 is about to mercifully draw to a close. But it was actually a big year for us! Let's take a trip down memory lane: 

We put forth our second release, the Milk Song / Family Cry 7" - which was also, incidentally, our first lathe cut adventure! 

We went on our first two-week tour in one big loop around the Midwest and East Coast! 

We released two really excellent music videos for "Milk Song" and "Family Cry"

We recorded and released a live set for WCBN-FM Ann Arbor!

We contributed our track "FAF" to Kirsten's Persist Mixtape venture, with all proceeds going to Planned Parenthood! 

We became even more legit by creating an Instagram and our official website, this very website! 

We released two live videos from our performance at the Hi Hat in LA! 

We made our first t-shirts and SOLD OUT of them! 

We relocated to Detroit! (Though, don't worry, we're still a Detroit-slash-LA band.) 

Probably some other things! 

THANK YOU ALL for making 2017 so memorable in this little sphere of existence. And 2018 is going to be just swell. Expect stickers! New and more shirts! Tours! And, oh yeah - OUR FIRST FULL-LENGTH ALBUM.