iF Feature / Persist Benefit Show!

First of all, thanks to Meredith Schneider over at Imperfect Fifth for featuring the "Family Cry" video!

" 'Family Cry' will entrance you from beginning to end thanks in part to its director, Chicago-based performance artist Corey Smith. The colors, words, and acted scenes will confuse you, but there is a sense of thrill to it all when the song’s tempo-changing, unique, garage-tinged experimental rock backs it up."

This is literally exactly what we were going for.

In other news, we're thrilled to take part in a benefit concert for Planned Parenthood under the banner of the Persist Mixtape! The show will also feature the luxurious sounds of Polartropica and Cousin Liar, as well as DJ sets by the incredible Mini Bear. Come on over for a night of female empowerment for charity!

You can buy tickets over at the Hi Hat's website, or check out the Facebook event.